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Adrian Rosenthal on Digital Davos in TheNextWeb

Adrian Rosenthal, Head -Digital & Social Media, MSLGROUP Germany, co-authored an article ‘How a social media news stream turns the sealed-off World Economic Forum into a virtual event’ for The Next Web, which has seen a tremendous response from readers around the world. The story first appeared on TNW on February 9, 2013 and has since seen over 470 shares on Twitter alone (as of February 18, 2013). Adrian wrote the guest post on the turn towards a more digital Davos with Igor Schwarzmann, co-founder of Third Wave, a Berlin-based business consultancy for the digital world.

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 Not too long ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF) was a rather secretive event in the snowy mountains of Davos, Switzerland, for the global elites, where heads of states mingled with industry leaders, thought-leading academics and influential journalists behind closed doors. Unfiltered impressions were as scarce as Dutch cheese in the Swiss Alps. What we knew about Davos was transported to us via classical media outlets.

Davos in January is certainly still a sealed-off “miniature society,” where Merkel meets Cameron (almost 40 heads of state were invited), where Sean Parker throws parties attended by the likes of Marissa Mayer, Jeff Jarvis and Jimmy Wales, and where Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho entertains his readers – via his Twitter stream.

While the WEF thus certainly remains an elitist gathering – you have to be invited by a member of the WEF to become an official participant, and Facebook competitions to win attendance have unfortunately not been conducted to our knowledge – the formerly closed doors have been opened a bit, thanks to social media.

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Digital Davos | Courtesy: World Economic Forum via Flickr

Digital Davos | Courtesy: World Economic Forum via Flickr



Adrian leads the digital and social media team of MSLGROUP Germany and heads our digital competence in areas such as e-reputation, digital collaboration and digital public affairs. He started covering the US elections 5 years ago on his blog with a special interest in digital campaigning. Follow him on Twitter: @neurosenthal

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