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Anyone Could Be Your Brand Ambassador: Whitepaper

By Stephy Liu, Senior Consultant, MSL China

Is there real value in social media for businesses? Are there hard-and-fast rules brands must follow? And is there only one approach? Over 50% of Internet users in China are registered with a social media website and over 70% of those users follow brands. This rapid increase of social and mobile media growth in the China market has nudged brands into building successful and attractive brand pages for a variety of social media platforms. But, what’s the magic formula?

We explore these questions, and more, in our latest whitepaper Anyone Could Be Your Brand Ambassador, which has been launched in partnership with, China’s largest ‘real-name’ social networking site (SNS).

With this whitepaper, you’ll be able to take away the findings of a joint research project that looks to understand the most effective practices for operating SNS brand pages. We share effective brand page management models, supported by real life case studies and give concrete advice on how online word-of-mouth can work for companies doing business in China.

If you would like to read the whitepaper, scroll down to view it or download a copy from SlideShare. If you want to learn more or talk to one of our team members, feel free to send me an e-mail, and the team will be happy to share more of our insights.

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