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Canadian Millennials and Business Citizenship

By Isabelle Dubé-Côté, Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Reputation Management, MSLGROUP

In the context of the launch of the MSLGROUP “Corporate Communication & Reputation Management” practice in Montreal, Pascal Beucler and I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation at RDV Marketing, organized by Infopresse, on March 25. During this annual conference, we presented the results of the study “Millennials & Business Citizenship” and our strategic approach to address this new reality, in front of a public consisting of 600 marketing and communications professionals. Below is the presentation:

Milléniaux and Citoyenneté d’entreprise | INFOPRESSE, 25 Mars 2015 by MSLGROUP

A Web segment with Pascal Beucler was also recorded in the Bell Media studio:  (sign up to access. Pascal is in the second sequence at 12:30)

The interest generated by the subject is not surprising and Canadian corporations are more and more conscious of the impact of this reality and the importance of addressing the expectations of this generation. This was further demonstrated by other experts, such as Dane Smith from FSG (Michael Porter’s company) who addressed the topic of Shared Value and business citizenship, or Dustin Garis, Chief “Troublemaker” for P&G Global, who discussed about the necessity for brands to reinvent their engagement strategy with people in a disrupted world.

Image source: Infopresse on Facebook

Isabelle Dubé-Côté and MSLGROUP’s Chief Strategy Officer, Pascal Beucler | Image source: Infopresse on Facebook

The launch of the MSLGROUP “Corporate Communication & Reputation Management” practice in Montreal reinforces the already strong presence of MSLGROUP in Canada. Canadian businesses are ever more aware of the importance of a strong strategic communication to reinforce and support a good business reputation. In the age of social media, it is all the more crucial to intelligently manage the dimensions that make up what we call “Complex Reputation”: articulate the key elements of reputation today and engage adequately with all stakeholders, in terms of content and relationship. The expertise offered in Montreal can respond to the needs of businesses that are active on a national and international scale thanks to the worldwide network of MSLGROUP. The Montreal team already advises several clients active in different sectors including top Canadian corporations operating in the USA and in Europe. This already provided me with the opportunity to work with several MSLGROUP colleagues over the past months.

Looking forward to working with you in the close future! You can reach me at

Isabelle Dubé-Côté

Isabelle oversees MSLGROUP’s corporate communication efforts in Montreal, where she advises leading Canadian companies operating in various industries. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and always aims at ensuring that the partnerships meet and exceed her clients’ expectations. In 2012, Isabelle became a director for BCP in Montreal. As such, she was responsible for advising clients on how best to manage their corporate communication. Connect with her on Twitter @isabelle_d_c


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