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CeBIT 2012 Recap: Dancing Robots, Shrinking Cars & More

Despite a massive strike that struck mid-way, this year’s digital IT and telecommunications trade fair CeBIT 2012 has managed to draw over 3 million visitors. Over 4,200 exhibitors from 70 countries were at CeBIT 2012, in Hannover, Germany. Over seven million business talks were held during the five-day period. Here we bring you some of the interesting innovations that were announced at the event:

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt set the mood on day one of the trade show, saying,”The people who predicted intelligent robots, virtual reality and self driving cars are right. These technological advances will redefine the way we live and the way we interact with each other. Google driverless cars have already driven 200,000 miles.”

Robots That Can Dance, Load The Dishwasher:


Tobii Software, Engineered Arts’ and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie presented robots that can do much more than facial expressions – these can dance, fetch drinks from the fridge, carry eggs, load a dishwasher and more!

Automotive Meets Mobile: Car manufacturers are turning into mobility providers. By 2015, new vehicles will be outfitted with a mobile radio chip providing access to in-car services and an automatic emergency call function. Audi announced concepts and platforms with the underlying theme of networking in cars with the slogan “Audi connect” and the A3 which has 3G! Meanwhile, a start-up called Intelligent Apps bagged the prize in the CODE_n12 competition at the trade show for its mobile app myTaxi, which connects users and taxi drivers.

The EO Smart Connecting Car: This car by German Robotics Innovation Centre will surely make parking a breeze! It shrinks. Read more about it on BBC.

Eye Control: Tobii and Lenovo showcased a computer that uses infrared signals to allow users to control it.

Social: An automatic translation service for messages on social network sites and a proposed Web tool providing a live advisory service for online shops were amongst the many launches at the show. A big draw was Salesforce’s Social Command Center, which allowed visitors to follow online discussions on CeBIT.

NFC: At CeBIT, Sybase, an m-commerce provider shared survey results on near field communications. Industry experts polled by the company believe NFC will take 2-5 years to become a mainstream technology and that NFC will drive mobile payment up to 80%.

Secure Desktop By IBM: This innovation combines cloud computing with the ubiquitous flash drive (USB device) and is aimed at corporate who want to ensure internal data security. More on ZDNet.

New UltraBooks, Laptops & Tablets: Samsung, Motorola and Huawei launched quad-core Tablets. Acer launched an ultrabook called Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, and V-series laptop range. Fujitsu launched a waterproof Tablet.

Healthcare: Latest developments in wearable technologies and sensor-based monitoring of essential body functions, with a smartphone app to forward the results to the patient’s general practitioner were among the attractions.

Cloud Computing: In Germany, cloud computing is expected to grow 47 percent year on year to reach 5.3 billion Euros this year.

Digital City & De-Mail: Microsoft announced its “Neustadt” (digital city) project for facilitating e-governance. Other exhibitors talked about an encrypted email service called De-Mail that will be launched in Germany soon.

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