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Chance for Change

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On December 5, 2015 MSLGROUP organised Chance for Change – a meeting at Sciences PO in Paris involving some of the world’s top corporate leaders, sustainability experts and Millennials to explore how the millennial generation can lead the response to climate change.

MSLGROUP CEO, Guillaume Herbette opened the Change for Change meeting.

Jean Guillaume de Tocqueville, descendant of Alexis de Tocqueville, evaluates what Alexis, who write about American individualism, would say about the current climate change debate.

The Millennial Perspective on Climate Action and COP21

Charles Batte, 28, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), a youth-led social enterprise that works to jointly address the challenges of youth unemployment and climate change. Charles was one of two winners of the United Nations’ 2015 Global Youth Video Competition, and spoke at our Chance for Change event in Paris.

Building Trust: Millennial Consumers, Climate Action and Sustainable Brands

Danone’s Social Innovation and Ecosystem Director Jean Christophe Laugee talks about Danone Groupe’s Écosysteme initiative which has 60 projects in 27 countries, impacting 30,000 people.

Chance for Change Event Highlights

Chance for Change was an event led by MSLGROUP in partnership with Sciences Po. Together with Millennial leaders and speakers from some of the world’s leading companies, we considered how young people, in their roles as consumers, workers and innovators, can lead the response to climate change.

See Millennials’ concerns for climate change today and solutions for tomorrow.

MSLGROUP collected views from young adults and shared it with clients, businessess and organizations at our Chance for Change Summit in Paris on 5 December, 2015. Share your views and record the everyday impact of climate change ​on Twitter and Instagram, using #bethechance.

What do you think will happen if the earth’s temperature kept getting warmer?

Which lifestyle choice do you fear you may have to give up due to climate change?

If you had $100 million to address climate change, how would you spend it?

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