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Europe’s Energy – At a Crossroads

Climate change, growing fuel poverty and security of supply are affecting the energy sector. MSLGROUP’s dedicated energy team confronts these issues, and others, every day on behalf of our clients and decided to share their thoughts in the form of ‘Europe’s Energy – At A Crossroads‘ –  a comprehensive newsletter with expert insights on the state of the energy industry in Europe. Following the launch, we interviewed Nick Bastin, Managing Director, Capital MSL London on how the newsletter came about, challenges  facing the energy sector today and the role of communication. 


What are the top trends in the energy sector?

The overarching themes at the moment are continued increases in demand, particularly from emerging markets, coupled with the fact it is increasingly hard to access energy cheaply. We have also seen the rise and rise of National Oil companies, which have increasingly taken control of resources – as with the recent move by Argentina on YPF. Within Europe, we also face the challenge of powering our economies whilst focusing on reducing carbon emissions, a challenge that will require significant investment and an attitudinal change from both politicians and citizens.

What are the primary challenges the sector faces, globally?

The sector faces many challenges. Politically, energy companies and those who invest in energy have faced changes to tax regimes and energy policies, often with very short notice. Talent is also a major issue, as energy companies struggle to attract the right employees who are critical to developing energy resources. We are also seeing energy companies operating in more challenging environments, for example ultra-deep oil off Brazil, that carry with them heightened costs and risks.

And what is the role of communication in addressing these challenges?

With the changes and challenges the sector faces, effective communications is essential in educating and informing the public and policy makers. Effective communications can build advocacy and provide the right environment in which to allow the energy sector to invest and operate.

Tell us the reason behind the launch of this Energy newsletter and what you aim to achieve with it?

MSLGROUP has a team of energy sector communications experts who are very familiar with working with their clients to address the challenges they face. We wanted to share some of this knowledge and to keep people abreast of the developments within the sector.

Please share more about the newsletter – who is the target reader, how often will it be produced and which geographical regions will it cover?

The target reader will be our clients and potential clients who have an interest in ensuring their company’s ambitions and operations are effectively communicated. We are distributing it across Europe and it will be published on a semi-annual basis.

Europe’s Energy – At a Crossroads  April 2012

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