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Five Tips About Video and Marketing Programs That are Often Overlooked

By John Moran, Vice President and Executive Media Coach, MSLGROUP

You already know that video is important. People, regardless of their environment, respond better to visual information than plain text and studies have shown that video doubles the time a viewer spends on a site.

However, many marketing organizations have trouble incorporating video. According to Forrester Research, “74% of business executives say their company has a digital strategy, but only 15% believe their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on that strategy.”* MSLGROUP offers a simple and cost-effective service, ExecutiveVoice™, to bring high-quality and effective video to your marketing efforts. Find out more here.

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In the course of our digital work at MSLGROUP, we find many companies have forgotten simple tips, such as these five:

  • Think big – too many companies limit their use of videos to the corporate website and YouTube. Big mistake. Videos are also ideal for sales calls (perfect for tablets), RFPs, trade shows and internal communications.
  • Plan properly – objectives, call-to-action, timeline, resources, and budgets. These are just some of the things that need to be thought through carefully before a project begins. Many organizations underestimate the amount of time it takes to plan, shoot and edit a video.
  • Tell stories – pitching, preaching and jargon are turn-offs. Find a creative way to convey your message in a short story format that resonates with the viewer.
  • Couch test – think of yourself sitting at home on the couch. Would you watch this video all the way through or click away to a new channel? If it kept your attention, great – time to post. If it’s a long, jargon-laced video, time for revisions. Bonus points if you add family and friends to the test. And tell them you want honest feedback. Do they understand the story and call to action?
  • Video drumbeat – don’t look at video as a one-and-done proposition. Developing creative content on an ongoing basis is important. Chances are you have many audiences, and different videos will resonate with different people. Set up a video channel or online series, and stock it with different style videos, touching on key topics relevant to your industry.

Forward thinking B2B companies are using videos across the board today – highlighting products and services, featuring executive thought leaders, capturing mindshare in the market, promoting social responsibility, motivating (and attracting) employees, and turning prospects into customers.

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John assists top executives with media training, message development and presentation skills. John also represents a range of clients and is a founding member of the MSLGROUP digital team in Boston.
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