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Guide To Twitter’s New Layout For Marketers

By Candace Corner, Account Supervisor, Digital, MSLGROUP

Twitter has rolled out a design overhaul of their desktop platform that requires everyone — but brands especially — to raise their visual game. The changes include reformatted navigation, larger images and a channel experience that strongly mimics the current Facebook newsfeed design.

To better prepare your brand and your team for these changes, MSLGROUP has compiled a guide to Twitter’s new layout for marketers.

What are the biggest changes that come with the new Twitter design?

MSLGROUP Twitter 1

Larger Photos:

All tweeted photos now appear larger in the newsfeed automatically and the top of your profile page will now be dedicated to a very large cover photo (1500 pixels by 500); similar to Facebook’s cover photo. The background themes and photo options are no longer available with the new design, which leaves two photo opportunities to brand your pages, but the trade-off is a more consistent, easy-to-read experience for people who use Twitter. It is imperative to use high-quality photos for new cover photos.

MSLGROUP profile

Larger Profile Image & Bio:

The profile image has shifted to the left of the page and is also larger. The bio background color has been updated, making it easier to read.

popular tweets 1

Larger Tweets and Popular Posts:

All of the tweets in the feed are larger at a size 13 font but the most popular tweets (those with more re-tweets or favorites) are oversized at 22.5 size font.

mini profiles

Mini Profiles:

Twitter’s “Following” list has been redesigned. The new Pinterest-like format for viewing followers allows Twitter to add more detail to each account listing (larger profile photo, cover photo, bio, “Follow” link and an “Other actions” menu).

Sorting tweets by type:

Users can now choose which type of content they want to see, which existed before but has been reimagined to focus on Tweets, Photos/Videos (including Vines), Following, Followers and Favorites.

How will this affect social media marketing on Twitter?

Popular posts will be more easily identifiable:
Any post without any form of engagement such as a comment, re-tweet or favorite is shown significantly smaller than a ‘popular’ post. Post quality is increasingly important since it is more obvious if a post is not “popular.’

Visual assets are increasingly important:
Tweeted photos appear automatically in the newsfeed and are larger. Twitter’s new design is visually appealing so we should be posting to Twitter like we are to Facebook, but more often.

Pinned tweets offer opportunity for added exposure:
If you had a great tweet that you want to have more exposure this can be ‘pinned’ to remain at the top of your page. The ‘pinned’ posts are similar to Facebook’s ‘Pin to Top’ option, which keeps a post at the top of the page for a week. ‘Pinning’ will be great for brands running a campaign because instead of creating repeated tweets and risking annoying their followers they can circulate ‘pinned’ tweets for exposure.

Internal members ‘favouriting’ tweets on behalf of the brand will do so carefully:
If you currently only ‘favourite’ your own content, it will show up prominently here and create a duplicate experience. It’s important to show appreciation for your partners and followers content to avoid this.

Candace Corner

Candace Corner

Candace is a seasoned digital marketer with over eight years of experience working on both the agency and client sides of the business. She leads research and engagement strategy and helps brands build consumer relationships by executing engaging, interactive digital programs with meaningful results.

Follow her on Twitter: @candacecorner

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