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Health Data’s Allure to Hackers

By Don Fluckinger, Senior Media and Content Strategist, MSLGROUP

Hackers love health data because it’s worth so much more than financial data – It’s a mantra security experts and reporters repeat so frequently that it’s a given, a fact-by-repetition, a subjective opinion so true it can’t be false.

Can you really explain why? Yes, some underserved individual patients so desperate for treatment (or, perhaps, access to controlled substances) might look for opportunities to steal data and impersonate someone with health insurance. That happens.

Image source: Perspecsys on Flickr

Image source: Perspecsys on Flickr

Here are some strong rationales for why bad actors on the Internet are coming after your (or your parents’ or your children’s) health records:

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Don Fluckinger

Don is a reporter and team manager deeply embedded in Health IT beat, connecting with IT leadership at healthcare providers and payers nationally. He has sources within all the major EHR/HIE/PACS/HIT data security software vendors, at federal regulatory bodies such as ONC, CMS, and FDA. Connect with him on Twitter @donfluckinger.