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MSLGROUP: A top-performer in the M&A space

by Jaideep Shergill, CEO,Hanmer MSL India

In October last year, we issued a press release highlighting the great nine months MSLGROUP had  in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) space. I’m happy to report that the final quarter was just as good.

A mergermarket study that analysed the 2011 performance of PR advisors in M&A deals placed the MSLGROUP third in terms of number of deals – 159 – worldwide. In terms of collective deal value – $142.5 billion – the group was ranked sixth.

Mergermarket is an independent mergers and acquisitions intelligence service which bases its ratings on deal values – considering only those over $5million – and number of deals struck.

Kekst and Company was the star for us, topping the tables among group companies at the global level, as well as in Europe, the US and Asia.

Globally, Kekst and Company scored 112 deals valued collectively at $114 billion, ranking fourth and sixth in these categories respectively. Its biggest deal was Johnson and Johnson’s acquisition of Synthes GmbH for $21.19 billion in which it advised the former.

In Europe, MSLGROUP – Kekst and Company, Capital MS&L and MSL Italia – was ranked third in total deal value ($69.5 billion) and fifth on number of deals (61).

Kekst and Company did even better in the US, clocking $103 billion (ranked fifth) on 102 deals (top-ranked).

Of particular interest to me, though, is Asia. It’s where the firm I lead, Hanmer MSL, operates. The MSLGROUP – Kekst and Company, Hanmer MSL and MSL China – ranked 9 in number of deals (13) and 13 in terms of deal value ($5.29 billion). I was glad that Hanmer MSL contributed eight deals worth $1.5 billion to this kitty.

I believe that as the global economy deals with the economic turmoil there will be consolidation across industries, much of it in the form of mergers and acquisitions. On this front, the news will only get better for MSLGROUP.

This is significant for MSLGROUP Asia’s finance practice. . It’s not just European and American firms looking for good acquisitions in this continent. Asian companies too are looking to snap up companies in Europe and the US that fit into their global strategy and which come at a reasonable price tag. The Tatas’ acquisition of Corus and Jaguar Land Rover spring to mind as examples.

The mergermarket study confirms all these assumptions. I sense exciting times ahead for  MSLGROUP.


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