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MSLGROUP’s Entries for Cannes Lions 2016

On the heels of MSLGROUP winning the Cannes PR Lion Grand Prix last year, several campaigns from our global network of agencies have potential to be recognized at next month’s 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

This year’s MSLGROUP body of work is rich and world-class. It demonstrates power and scale (launching Netflix in 130 countries all at once), builds off insightful human truths (AXA’s “No Belt, No Drive” auto safety campaign in China and Abbott’s Sisterhood of Motherhood), is clever and creative (Dacia’s Family Project in Italy), makes a strong emotional connection (Sécurité Routière: When Love Dies), drives social change (P&G Always #LikeAGirl Emojis, Nihar Natural’s #IAmCapable and Saffola Protect Her Heart) and innovates how work is done in a category (Chevy Camaro, Canon Miru and Randstad’s anniversary). It also clearly shows that our most-integrated and most-complete positioning pays off in better work through collaboration with our Publicis partners.

The following campaigns clearly shows that our most-integrated and most-complete positioning pays off in better work through collaboration with our Publicis partners.

Cannes Lions 2016 Campaigns

P&G Always #LikeAGirl: Girl Emojis

The Always #LikeAGirl Girl Emojis campaign rallied girls around the world through an online film, social media, earned media and influencer efforts to request the Unicode Consortium-the gatekeepers of emojis—to consider new girl emojis that reflect a broader array of the amazing things girls can do using #LikeAGirl.

Always encouraged girls to share their incredible ideas – from a girl wrestler and a chemist, to a detective and a drummer –then collected them in real time to share with the Consortium. Our powerful campaign was about challenging stereotypes and creating change, building on the Unstoppable movement started in Summer 2015.

Netflix: #netflixeverywhere

Revolutionary. Disruptive. Netflix is a brand that has upended industries from Silicon Valley to Hollywood. And it’s revolutionized not just industries—but us. How we watch TV, our taste in shows, and even our relationship with entertainment has fundamentally changed because of this single brand. It’s been a seismic shift. The massive simultaneous global launch this past January introduced Netflix to millions of new consumers in a one-of-a-kind way, setting the stage for the first truly global TV network. It’s not every day that a brand can introduce itself to the world. All. At. Once.

Canon Miru: Creating a New Collaborative Way of Working at Canon EMEA

Project Miru is an EMEA-wide employee communications campaign that completely reshaped the way Canon employees behave at work. Spanning 20+ countries, Miru is a response to the rapidly changing world of technology and the challenges it presents to the much-loved Canon brand.

Canon believes that its future success and image will be born from the inside-out; leading to the creation of a powerful, multifaceted culture-change project centering on a ground-breaking social digital workspace: Miru. Cultivating culture change, alongside measurable business results, Miru embodies Canon’s commitment to its most important influencers; its employees. A commitment that brings more success each day.

Sécurité Routière: When Love Dies

In France, motorbikers and scooter users represent 43% of serious injuries, while motorized traffic represents only 2%. Erick Zonca’s new and original film, “When love dies” raises awareness about road safety in targeting motor bikers and scooter users at their heart. The film depicts a part of a couple’s daily life, interpreted by famous actors Elodie Bouchez and Pascal Elbé. They are shopping with their children in a supermarket and love each other like in the early days.

When they return to the parking, their happiness suddenly blows to pieces… It had been broadcasted in 600 French cinemas and online (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook).

Randstad 55th Anniversary

Randstad, one of the leading companies in global HR services, celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2015 by engaging its 29000 employees around the world. The result was 55 weeks of online activation and 26 events in 24 hours’ time around the world.

The celebration was defined by the Randstad Talent Hunt which proved that Randstad is an employer that goes the extra mile by thinking out of the box creatively and dares to be different in the way they engage with employees.

Dacia Family Project

Automotive company Dacia, the main sponsor of the Udinese Footbal Team, wanted to deliver a positive message to families and football supporters in response to the team’s low attendance resulting from violent fan behavior. After the ultra-fans were banned for a year, the stadium was empty. In deciding to give its name to the new Udinese stadium, Dacia stimulated positive support and drew new fans with the “Dacia Family Project,” a contest that convinced Udinese supporters to start a family in order to grow a new generation of fans.

From mid-February to mid-March 2016 Udinese’s supporters, waiting for a baby could tell their story and share their emotions and passions on the platform. The authors of the best stories won a season ticket for themselves and for the future supporter too. At the end of the contest, during the Udinese-Napoli match, 20 pregnant women, wearing a special shirt with a small Udinese black & white jersey on the baby bump, lined up with the football players. In the same match, more than 100 pregnant women filled up a whole sector of the stadium. Two of these future fans have already been born and 148 more are about to come into the world. Italy’s national TV and press generated more than 500 stories, a huge response to Dacia’s campaign.

AXA: ‘No Belt, No Drive’ Safety Campaign

Parents are responsible for teaching children about safety but these lessons don’t always follow through, especially if parents ignore safety messages. Powered by a deep insight that Chinese parents are highly protective of their children because of the legacy of the one-child policy and prefer to keep them safe in their arms, AXA empowered the children to help parents be more safety-minded. The campaign sparked critical attention on a completely preventable action.

Through a children’s song, mobile classrooms, NGO partnership, content-rich social media, influencer advocacy, media outreach and advertising, AXA’s “No Belt, No Drive” campaign reached 680,000+ people and motivated 90,000+ to pledge to buckle up their kids when driving. It also cemented AXA’s image as an active force for a safer society.

Nihar Naturals: #IAmCapable

In 2015, Nihar Naturals, a hair-oil brand, aimed to reinforce its approach on overcoming social stereotyping of women. Women in India are perceived as the ‘less capable’ and face many challenges even though judging women by their appearance rather than their capabilities has long been a taboo. The issue had never been spoken about until now. With more than a decade of supporting progressive thought for women, Nihar Naturals launched a campaign based on sharing real and inspiring cases to drive a hot social conversation that people couldn’t ignore.

Through a national study, a catchy music video with Bollywood female star, discussions between real-life influencers and establishing a role model from the 55,000 collected stories of breaking stereotypes, Nihar Naturals empowered women to say #IAMCAPABLE. The discussion made a splash and brand preference was increased by 37%.

Saffola: Protect Her Heart

According to SaffolaLife Study 2014 – 2 out of 4 women were at heart risk due to increasing weight in India. Saffola wanted to build awareness on connection between women’s weight-to-heart risk, and call for actions to safeguard women’s heart health. This was achieved by releasing a SaffolaLife study to highlight impact of weight on heart. Saffola engaged with key influencers and celebrities to take a pledge to walk together to #ProtectHerHeart. Saffola also introduced an online weight-heart test with diet and walk plan for women to reduce the risk of heart problems. Through this campaign over 45,000 Heart Fitness tests and 60 million free media impressions were generated.

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