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MSLGROUP’s Top Blog Posts of 2015

We’ve compiled the most read posts on our blog in the year 2015.  This year, we shared trends in the PR industry, big data, data driven initiatives and creativity; the latest news and updates in digital public affairs; employee engagement; integrated reporting and creating shared value; insights into local markets from our leaders along with tactics and strategies that apply to you as a PR professional.


1. Digital Public Affairs in a Nutshell

2. Changing Mindsets: Why and How Integrated Reporting Drives Business Transformation

3. Creativity in a Technology Enabled World

4. What’s Next: How Big Data Can Influence Consumer Behavior

5. What ‘Making our Clients’ Voice Matter’ Actually Means Today

6. Six Trends that are Driving the Change

7. Six Inspiring Data Driven Initiatives | #DataInDataOut

8. Next Generation Employee Engagement Strategies

9. Train Your Creativity Muscle | The Future of Creativity

10. How to Leverage Digital Transformation for Public Affairs

11. MSLGROUP ranked #3 in Holmes Creativity Index for 2015

12. CSR into CSV: The Path to Creating Shared Value

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