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Opportunity for True Integration

The rise of programmatic targeting exemplifies how various disciplines can truly support each other to create maximum influence.

Performance marketing is the most measurable, transparent, and accountable form of marketing to drive incremental impact and ROI faster and at scale. One aspect of this is programmatic media buying, simply defined as a way to specifically target the audience you wish to see your advertising. It is a drastic change from traditional ad buying, as brands are no longer locked into a set number of spots on specific sites. It is basically an algorithmic purchase in real time.

There is no doubt programmatic buying is the future. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, by 2018 programmatic spend will have grown from 28% in 2013 to more than 80% of marketing spend. Most discussions about programmatic tend to focus on the ad side, but there are numerous aspects of the process where the strengths of marketing and PR can be brought into play to make it more effective – and influential.


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Speak to your audience

The advertising world has never lacked for creative brilliance, but it has not always focused with the same level of rigor on where the beautiful ads were placed. What was missing was data that could help us understand the precise target and where that individual was in their purchase journey.

Performance marketing enables us to leverage multiple data sets so the precise right message can be targeted programmatically to a specific individual at the right time in his or her purchase journey. All of this literally happens in seconds. As programmatic spending has increased, ad-side professionals have come to realize the importance of delivering relevant content to drive deeper audience engagement – something innate in PR.

In-the-moment thinking

Perhaps the greatest area where advertising can tap into the strengths of its PR and marketing brethren is the ability to turn on a dime with creative.

Oreo’s highly acclaimed “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet epitomized the ability of marcomms to instantly react to a real-world event and engage consumers with fresh, ultra-relevant content. Traditional advertising could never be so in the moment. But that’s changing.

With programmatic, brands have fundamentally shifted from buying ad space to buying a target customer wherever they are online. This literally occurs at scale in milliseconds on an almost impression-by-impression basis. This speed represents a big shift in advertising, but it is something their partners on the marcomms side have been living for years. We can show them how to prepare for such instances and be ready to offer up dynamic creative and offers at a moment’s notice.

The big news

Programmatic is here to stay because, regardless of the discipline, the need to reach consumers on an individual level is crucial to the bottom line. And technology enables that to happen in ways never thought possible.

It’s the ultimate way to influence consumers to action. And on the succeeding pages you will be introduced to an important new offering that will enable your brand to deliver influence in a more targeted way than ever before. And this platform is designed to help brands overcome two key obstacles to influence: the lack of scale for even the best brand stories and the difficulty in ensuring that influence reaches the right targets at the right place and time.

This article is a part of MSLGROUP ebook – How Influence Works in Brand New Ways developed in partnership with PR Week and Campaign magazine.

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