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Publicis Groupe Earns a Top Tweet for Its Financial Results

Publicis Groupe has joined the ranks of companies that are tweeting their financial results.

Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy and CFO Jean-Michel Etienne reviewed 2010 financial results yesterday at the company’s Champs-Elysées headquarters, while their corporate communications team handled the tweeting.

The company (tweeting from @publicisgroupe) earned a top tweet for the following message: “Razorfish margins could reach those of Publicis Groupe within 3 years: Maurice Lévy during the presentation of Q4 revenue and FY results.”

“Top Tweets is a new algorithm we developed that finds tweets that are catching the attention of other users,” said Twitter Chief Scientist Abdur Chowdhury last year during an interview with Search Engine Land. “The algorithm looks at all kinds of interactions with tweets including retweets, favorites, and more to identify the tweets with the highest velocity beyond expectations.”

The last phrase is particularly important. Explained Search Engine Land: “Obviously, there (are) all kinds of science and computation going on here. Every Twitter user, it seems, has an expected level of attention and interaction for his/her tweets. If a tweet surpasses expectations, it might hit Top Tweets.”

Other Publicis Groupe tweets included:
• Publicis Groupe publishes Q4 Revenue and 2010 Annual Results – growth 8.3% for FY and 12.5% for Q4
• Maurice Lévy comments Publicis numbers “In Q4 2010, we saw an acceleration in the pace of growth that we haven’t seen since the late 90s”

Colleagues specializing in financial communications at Publicis Consultants in Paris say Publicis Groupe is ahead of the game in France, as using Twitter to announce financials is mostly an Anglosaxon trend.

“I can see no reason why you would not tweet your results,” said Nick Bastin, director at Capital MSL in London, which also specializes in financial communications. “It makes the information easy to find and would surely be appreciated by investors – particularly retail investors – who can access the key information quickly.”

Last year, during the second-quarter earnings season, IR Web Report said there was a “flood” of companies tweeting their financials. “While it’s still early in the evolution of investor relations communications on the social web, it’s clear that Twitter is going to be a major channel.”

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