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Slideshow: 10 Critical Digital Marketing Questions to Ask Your Agency Partner in 2014

By Stephanie Agresta, Global Director, Social Media and Digital, MSLGROUP, New York, North America

MSLGROUP has listed out the top questions that clients should be asking their agency partners about digital marketing at the start of 2014. The questions, from second-screen programming to mobile messengers to online video to 3D Printing, portray the accelerated pace of change in the social and digital space.

According to Stephanie Agresta, the start of the new year is the right time for conversations built around strategic foresight and the key trends driving change in the space. “A strong perspective on these critical trends can help inform and optimize strategies that are being put in place,” she said.


According to our new online pamphlet, “10 Critical Questions to Ask Your Agency Partner in 2014: #DigitalMarketing,” this year’s key questions are:

  1. What do you think we should do with our website in 2014?
  2. How should I go about setting up an Innovation Lab?
  3. We built it. So why aren’t they coming?
  4. Should I invest more in online video production & distribution?
  5. Big data is a digital trend again. What are we going to do differently this year?
  6. How are we programming for the second screen (which is now the first screen)?
  7. As consumers become more geeky and streamlined in how they access information, what do I need to do differently to reach them?
  8. What digital efforts should I say no to in 2014?
  9. Why should I care about mobile messengers gaining in popularity in Asia?
  10. How well are we doing at omni-channel retailing?

BONUS QUESTION – Is it finally time to care about 3D printing?

Check out the presentation below. Click here to download it from Scribd.

10 Critical Digital Marketing Questions to Ask Your Agency Partner in 2014 by MSLGROUP





Stephanie Agresta


Stephanie Agresta has been recognized as both a thought leader and hands-on counselor in social and digital media for 15 years. As MSLGROUP’s Global Director of Social Media and Digital, Stephanie is based in North America, and works in partnership with leaders around the global network on social and digital vision, strategy and talent in support of the agency’s global social media offering, Social Hive. Follow her on Twitter: @stephagresta

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