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Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011

It’s done! We got it out the door: the first big MSLGROUP report of the year, Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011.

Our report aimed to give marketers ideas that they can put to the test this year. It also reflects our general approach, namely that we help our clients bridge the gap between what is technologically possible and what is right for them right now.

An e-magazine with flippable pages, Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011 is a concise write-up of actionable ideas gathered from MSLGROUP’s most senior social media experts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. MSLGROUP’s signature bubble motif and specially selected imagery represent the five broad concepts discussed in the document:

1. Going Shopping, Going Local—This is the year to use social networks and mobile technology as a platform for promotions. Foot traffic gets a boost!
2. Getting Personal—Spans everything from individually curated newspapers to corporate websites providing a tailored yet social experience. Getting closer to people means brands have to care more about them.
3. Drawing a Good Story—The rise of data visualization and transmedia provides pretty much everyone with a new way to tell his or her story. Journalists and PR people will tango over schematics; academics will provide jaw-dropping presentations; everyday people will become filmmakers; and marketers will join, and sometimes lead, the conversation.
4. Watching Out—A brief discussion on the tension between privacy and monetization, and what governments might do in a post-WikiLeaks world.
5. Reaching a Higher Plateau through Deeper Collaboration—Stakeholders abound in the conversation age. This year, swim in concert for the greater good.

Please enjoy, and let us know your thoughts–here or on Twitter: @MSL_Group, #predictions, #conversationage Short link: Thanks!

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