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Top 5 of 2012


This year, we shared trends in the PR industry, transmedia storytelling and crisis communications; social media infographics; the latest news and updates in public affairs; crowdsourced opinions on new social media platforms; insights into local markets from our leaders in the form of video interviews and tactics and strategies that apply to you as a PR professional. Let’s take a look at some of the thought leadership, videos and presentations that you, our readers,  read the most this year:

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012

  1. Infographic: Guide To Tweeting For Business
  2. Dark Sites: Manage Crisis Communications Online – By Dean Parker, EMEA
  3. The Storytelling Mandala: Purpose-Inspired Transmedia Storytelling – By Gaurav Mishra, Asia
  4.  Nike Find Your Greatness: People’s Insights: Volume 1, Issue 30
  5. The Fancy: People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 24

Top 5 SlideShows of 2012

  1. MSLGROUP People’s Lab – Crowdsourcing Insights & Innovation – 88,455 views
  2. MSLGROUP People’s Lab – Innovation Catalysts Network
  3. MSLGROUP People’s Lab – Crisis Network
  4. MSLGROUP People’s Lab – Insights Network 
  5. MSLGROUP Crisis Network Report: Every Crisis is Global, Social, Viral

Top 5 Videos of 2012


  1. Reebok Taiwan’s No Pants Day – 9,774 views
  2. MSLGROUP Storytelling
  3. Introducing PurPle: Purpose + People
  4. eBay India Case Study
  5. MSLGROUP 2012 Showreel


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