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Pair: People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 21

Pair is an app that allows couples to stay in touch through a single stream of communication. It is available for download on www.trypair.com where it is described as: An app for just the two of you. Texting, sharing videos, photos, sketching together, thumbkiss and more. Launched on the iOS platform, it is now available on Android as well. Users can send those with an iPhone or Android Phone a request to p ...

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Path: People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 13

Path started off as a social-networking-enabled photo-sharing and messaging service for mobile devices, much like Instagram, in November 2010. Later, Path changed its purpose from sharing only images, to videos, places, thoughts, etc, to become a ‘smart journal’ through which people could share their experiences with their closest friends and family, on the go. Users can have up to 150 friends because David ...

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MTV Music Meter: People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 8

MTV Music Meter started off as a website in December 2010 that helped users discover music composed by upcoming artistes. The objective was to help users find the artistes of tomorrow by letting them peruse an extensive database, listening to song samples, reading articles and biographies, and watching music videos. As Mashable writer, Todd Olmstead wrote: The Music Meter wants to help surface emerging arti ...

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Amazon Kindle Fire: People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 1

It has been less than two months since Amazon released the Kindle Fire, but it has already sparked a huge debate. Priced at a low $199, it has re-kindled the curiosity and excitement surrounding the tablet market, thanks to the sleek 7-inch multi-touch display, a plethora of apps on the Amazon Appstore, the option to stream the latest movies and TV shows via the Amazon Prime membership and deep integration ...

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