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An Injection of Truth

By Kelly Walsh, CEO, London, MSLGROUP There's a perfect storm of suspicion, rumour and reported bad practice and it's heading in the direction of the cosmetic surgery industry. A while ago I wrote about the new health elite who eschew the more obvious markers of having 'made it', and instead are spending serious time and money to achieve the kind of glossy good health that is only possible if you're very yo ...

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At Iconosphere 2012: Understanding The New ‘Global’

By Denise Vitola, SVP, Practice Director, Personal Care, MSLGROUP New York Denise recently attended Iconosphere 2012, a celebration of ideas, insights and inspiration from thought leaders, decision makers and agency executives. She captures fresh, interesting trends and ideas from the event, adds a dash of her opinions and asks thought provoking questions on global marketing. The most trending topic in the ...

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