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The Millennial Compass & #YBother At SXSWi

By Brian Burgess, Global Co-Director, Employee Practice, MSLGROUP We've just launched a new report today called “The Millennial Compass” in association with the Ashridge Business School that reveals workplace dynamics across the globe, with insights from millennials in Brazil, China, France, India, the UK and the USA. We asked them what they want in their relationships with managers and their expectations o ...

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An Overview of PRSA’s New Ethics App for PR Professionals

Public Relations Society of America, the largest professional organization serving the U.S. public relations profession, has developed a new mobile app, in partnership with us, that will make public relations professionals more aware of the principles and guidelines that underpin ethical decision-making in internal and external communications. “We believe our app is something that young professionals will b ...

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Curb Your Need For Speed, Check Your Sources

By Serge Vanbockryck, Media & PR Practice Leader, MSLGROUP Brussels In the ‘old days’, some 25 years ago, when your's truly was a newspaper journalist, there was a daily 10pm deadline to finish your story, and to know what the competition had written about the same topic you had to wait until the next morning. You’d spend the entire day (or more) ‘chasing’ the story and making sure all parties involved ...

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Slideshow: Training Your Ethical Mind

By Mark W McClennan, APR, Sr VP at Schwartz MSL Last month, PRSA National asked me to write about a recent Academy of Management study that found people are five times more likely to make ethical decisions if they have time to think about it. Unfortunately, as a PR professional, I do not think I have ever had a client tell me to “Take all the time you need.” Have you? It sparked off this article on training ...

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Making Ethical Decisions Under Time Constraints

 MSLGROUP Americas' Mark McClennan also serves on the national board of directors for the Public Relations Society of America, where one of his duties is to serve as the liaison to the Board of Ethics and Professional Standards. On request, Mark wrote a guest column for PRSAY.prsa.org on a critical subject that affects all of us - on how to make a correct ethical decision quickly. In his post, Mark shares s ...

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