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Main Street Vs. Wall Street

--by Pascal Beucler, chief strategy officer, MSLGROUP, Paris I was recently asked by my EMEA colleagues to write a short introduction to the Financial Services Initiative we'll soon launch in the region. Watching more attentively - in facts & figures - what's happening in various European countries, and now in the USA, where the crowds of "indignés" (the indignant, the angry) are growing every day, I ha ...

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A CEO Tweets, and a Newspaper Asks for a Blog Post

We here at the MSLGROUP blog are lucky to have a CEO who has fully embraced social media. Olivier Fleurot, a former engineer-turned-journalist who has served as CEO of both Les Echos and The FT Group, regularly tweets about financial and political news, not to mention trends in the communications and media industries. Just last week, Olivier tweeted about the use of old economic models and his opinion that ...

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Putting an End to Government Budget Deficits: A Contribution from the Rich is Required

--by Maurice Lévy, chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe and president of the French Association of Private Enterprise The summer of 20ll will be remembered as the moment when a devastating blow hit the all-powerful America. In every aspect, this blow hit America’s economic preeminence, the source of its strength throughout the 20th century. The downgrade of US debt is also a downgrade of the country. More th ...

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Walking in the Shoes of a 20-Year-Old

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Circa 1789. The conquerors of La Bastille during the French Revolution. Today, French students use Facebook to plan prostest marches to La Bastille against retirement reform."][/caption] MSLGROUP Chief Strategy Officer Pascal Beucler might be "a seasoned professional" but thinks like he is 20. Pascal recently spoke at the 11th Croation Pu ...

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Value for All: A Corporate Constitution

How many times do we hear in corporate and financial circles that we need to be providing value to our shareholders?  It’s a fundamental part of capitalism. But the global financial crisis has caused a fundamental shift toward what we call “value for all.”  In our social world, where anyone with a computer or smartphone has a voice, companies and brands have to prove they are creating value for all stake-ho ...

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Trust Breakdown, Trust Refresh: A Lesson from Banks

In Cleveland Vs. Wall Street, Swiss filmmaker Jean-Stéphane Bron captures the pain of ordinary people hit by the financial crisis.  As the film’s mock trial progresses, he demonstrates how people come together to save their community.  Yet he also clearly portrays people’s anger over banks, which leads us to the MSLGROUP study: “The banking industry in post-crisis times: From vanished trust to evidence-base ...

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