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The MSLGROUP BRICS Blog Series: Executive Summary

--By Sally O'Dowd, engagement editor, MSLGROUP, Paris Trade between India and South Africa is booming. Brazil wants a more level trading field with China. Devalued yuan, anyone? Next door, Russian President Medvedev is going against the grain (Putin), pledging to end corruption and lower the tax burden on small business. Needless to say, the leaders of the BRICS countries have important issues to discuss at ...

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MSLGROUP BRICS Blog Series: Ending Corruption in Russia, Da or Nyet?

--By Lawrence McDonnell, CEO and founder of Pravda PR, Moscow With just a year to go before Russia elects a new president there are signs of a rift between the incumbent Dmitry Medvedev and his Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, the man whom many regard as the natural leader currently on sabbatical, more a tsar than head of the administration. If we are to take Medvedev at his word, then the initiatives outlin ...

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The MSLGROUP BRICS Blog Series: A View from China

---By Kirby Chien, head of content development and senior media strategist, MSLGROUP China [caption id="attachment_1853" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Kirby Chien is a former journalist for Reuters and Dow Jones, where he led coverage of the Chinese market."][/caption] Since the term BRIC---Brazil, Russian, India and China---was first coined by a Goldman Sachs economist in 2001, the loose grouping ...

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The MSLGROUP BRICS Blog Series–Brazil and China: Crossing the Divide

--By Paulo Andreoli, CEO of Andreoli MSL, Brazil [caption id="attachment_867" align="alignleft" width="128"] Paulo Andreoli won the Brazilian equivalent of the Pulitzer prize for his reporting before entering the PR profession.[/caption] The Chinese were trading long before Christopher Columbus was born. For us Brazilians, they have a historical and cultural richness worthy of admiration, even if it is some ...

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