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Millennials Will Require More Brand Interaction Opportunities vs. Traditional Advertising

By Allan Dib, SVP, Planning & Analytics, MSLGROUP in North America MILLENNIALS (GENERATION Y) BORN 1977 –1994 Millennials represent the consumer market of the future. Success in marketing to Millennials is critical to companies across all product and service categories. They will become more important as they reach their peak buying power within the next ten years. Millennials are the most racially dive ...

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SlideShow: Social CRM And New Consumer Expectations

Social customer relationship management connects social media with a company’s internal and external communication systems. The question for companies is no longer whether to engage with social media, but rather how to engage with it. MSLGROUP has announced the launch of a whitepaper that sheds a new light on Social CRM strategies, implementations and its impact. Download the whitepaper to learn more: Socia ...

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Social CRM – An Opportunity for Business

Last month our colleagues at Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz (MSLGROUP Paris) collaborated with Atos Consulting to publish a white paper on Social CRM. Here we share 3 key findings of this joint-research for the readers of the MSLGROUP blog. Key Finding #1. Clients and consumers are now in power (this bit won’t surprise many of you of course) Over 750m active members on Facebook across the globe 80% of ...

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A Different Sort of “Buzz” Can Potentially Sink Google+

--by Matt Koppelman, account executive, MSLGROUP, Chicago “Buzz” in the communications industry is usually something we doggedly pursue. Marketing and PR departments exist to get their brands talked about. Yet we could probably poke a few holes in this axiom in the context of the world's newest social network. Google+, still in beta, has already received more search queries and news references in its first ...

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