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Johan Bjorksten in China Daily on Microblog Campaigns

China Daily's European edition today features an insightful article on how agencies are helping brands conduct microblogging campaigns in China. Our expert, Johan Björkstén, chairman of MSL China, was quoted in the article. "Our experience from China shows that sites that adopt a relaxed yet professional tone attract the most followers." Read the full article "A to Z of micro blog marketing" on China Daily. ...

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How A Social Media Immersion Workshop Can Help

Crisis management poses a number of well-known challenges on organizations such as ensuring that the spokesperson communicates “according to script”, b uilding consensus within the Crisis Team on the causes and appropriate remedies of an issue, c oordinating the actions of different departments to avoid conflicting messages. The social media environment now requires us to consider new questions. How can we: ...

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Consumer Rights Day: What if McDonald’s hadn’t had an official weibo?

Today it's Consumer Rights Day in China - we take a look at what happened last year to share our insights with you, especially in the wake of the horse-meat crisis that has hit Europe. (Follow the Twitter hashtag #wcrd2013 for this year) [caption id="attachment_7418" align="aligncenter" width="500"] McDonald's China | Courtesy: m_ax via Flickr[/caption] On March 15, 2012, also known as “Consumer Rights Day” ...

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Zombie Accounts, Smear Campaigns: Crisis Management

In the 14th Century Chinese novel 'Water Margin', one of the characters named Li Kui is a famous hero whose reputation is known throughout the country. A bandit named Li Gui assumes the identify of Li Kui in order to attack and rob highway travelers. One day, Li Gui meets the real Li Kui who is upset with the impostor and quickly defeats him in a duel. The story illustrates the danger of using a fake identi ...

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Introducing The Art of Weibo Crisis Management

By Catherine Cao, Director at MSL China Marketers and communications professionals would be crazy to ignore the 300 million microbloggers in China (roughly the size of the entire US population) who access their platforms at least twice a day and follow on average 4 company accounts, according to China Internet Watch. Many microblogs, or weibo, have accumulated more than one million views, shares or follower ...

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Creating A Weibo That Supports Your Business

MSL China has launched a whitepaper on the popular microblogging service 'Sina Weibo' called Creating a Weibo That Supports Your Business. In this blog post, Stephy Liu, senior client service manager and digital strategist at MSL China, captures how the microblogging scene has changed in China and questions posed by brands. Liu also shared her insights on Sina Weibo recently in an article on Campaign Asia - ...

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