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The intern speaks out…and mothers, too

MSL UK asked Olivia Chausson, Cambridge psychology student and intern extraordinaire, to record her thoughts about the foray into the communications profession. We found her summer reflections quite refreshing. From her inventive simile, « Social media space worked like an arena, a place in which actual dialogues took place between consumers and brands »  to the candor she finds in mommy bloggers, « I felt like we had all the information needed to establish a truly idiosyncratic relationship with each of the mums, » Olivia offers wisdom beyond her years.

And speaking of mums (or moms)…Mashable, a de rigeur blog for people working in the social space, reports that most parents are posting photos of their babies online. A full 92% of children in the U.S. have an online presence by the time they are two, compared to 73% in western Europe, Mashable says. What a social graph in the making!

As today’s online babies are the future’s decision-makers and purchasers, the story begs the question: What will our connected world look like in 20 years?