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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

In 2016 our experts highlighted the importance of digital collaboration and its importance in boosting employee engagement and how to gain employee buy-in to a new culture. We also explored the importance of ‘value’ in the business of PR – a theme that needs to be hammered home with every communications professional and every business.

Our experts assessed the success of our employee mentoring program GROW and the award winning knowledge management platform – MIND and what MSLGROUP employees from around the world have to say about it. MSLGROUP was ahead of the curve on the new technology, hosting one of the most exciting and content-rich discussions on the subject of Virtual Reality at SXSW 2016.

Experts from our corporate and business sustainability practice shed light on the best practices put into action by six inspiring millennials from U.S. American Samoa, the Netherlands, India and Indonesia. The year ended with our policy experts analyzing how the new U.S. President and Congress are likely to move forward after one of the most bitter campaigns in American history.


  1. A Guide to the Trump Administration

  2. SxSW – It’s All About Value

  3. Momentum, Integration Drive PR Forward

  4. Collective Intelligence at Work on MIND

  5. 2016 Is the Year of VR; But How Does It Play in PR?

  6. Making a Case for American Trade Again

  7. A Culture Change for Employees

  8. Grow! MSLGROUP Mentoring Program

  9. Six Millennial Change-Makers on Sustainability

  10. Boosting Employee Engagement

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