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When B2B Tech Memes Go Bad

By Mark McClennan, Senior Vice President at MSLGROUP

We spend a lot of time celebrating the great work we do for our clients, and the industry honors the best campaigns of the year through awards such as the PRSA Silver Anvil and Holmes Report Sabre Awards. But not everything all PR professionals do is a home run, particularly if you try to insert your brand into a conversation where it doesn’t fit.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds are inundated with consumer memes, some of them are funny, some are global, and some (like cats) are timeless. Creative consumer marketers make use of these memes to drive engagement and connect with customers and prospects.

As a tech PR professional, though, you typically don’t see global viral memes on silicon substrates, multifactor authentication and open source software. There is good reason for that – the customers are different, the sales cycle is completely different and prospects expect a different type of engagement.

We decided to have a little fun and think about what could be some potential B2B Tech memes that try to capitalize (poorly) on consumer memes. So without further ado, following are some fictional examples of B2B Tech memes gone wrong.


What examples can you share? What did we miss?

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Mark McClennan


For the past 19 years, Mark has led teams working with innovative technology and healthcare clients for MSLGROUP. He is also the national treasurer for PRSA.

Connect with him on twitter: @McClennan

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